How did the American Air Assistance membership program get started?

The program was started by a collection of air ambulance professionals who saw a need to SOLVE the Air Ambulance CRISIS that has been growing out of control over the past decade. This crisis is due to rural hospitals closing or becoming more specialized, insurance companies charging higher out-of-pocket costs to patients, Air Ambulance provider costs rising, being forced to abandon areas of coverage, and government reimbursements not rising with provider costs.

Is there a limit to the number of transports a member can have in a year?

There is no limit to the number of non-emergency medical air transports a member can take in a year.

If I am a member is ground ambulance transport covered?

Ground transport is covered from the sending facility to the aircraft handling the air ambulance transport, and from the aircraft to the receiving facility.

Can I cover all of my family on my membership?

The family membership plan covers you and/or your spouse and children listed on your application, so long as they have qualifying medical insurance as per the terms of the plan. Dependent children who are away at school are included in the family plan as long as they are covered by qualifying medical insurance.

What is included in my membership?

Amercian Air Assistance Members are entitled to transport (when available) by an American Air Assistance Network provider for all facility to facility transports deemed medically necessary by the member’s medical insurance. Members can rest easy knowing that they will receive no out-of-pocket expenses for their transports.

What is the benefit of a membership to you and your family?

Membership offers many important benefits:

First, as a member American Air Assistance Network we will work with your medical insurance company to secure payment for your flight, with any uncovered amounts considered to be fully prepaid.

Second, American Air Assistance will work on your behalf as your advocate with your insurance provider to determine if a medically necessary transport is proper treatment for your existing medical condition. If required by insurance, American Air Assistance will assist with getting a preauthorization or predetermination to secure medical necessity for the transport prior to transport.

Third, if insurance doesn’t deem the member’s transport to be medically necessary. American Air Assistance will assist its members in finding the best cost solution for transporting the member to the desired facility.

Becoming a member helps support the community through the American Air Assistance give back program. We provide a FREE medically necessary air ambulance transport with every 5000 family memberships purchased.

How can a membership be so affordable and yet still cover the high cost of an air ambulance transport?

Membership fees alone are not enough to cover the cost of member transports. The membership fees are prepaid protection against costs not covered by a member’s medical insurance, other benefits, or third-party responsibility. All of our members have some type of insurance, benefit or third-party responsibility that covers all or part of the cost of the medical transport. Collecting from those sources is what keeps our membership fees low.

What is included in a member’s insurance, other benefits and third-party responsibility?

These are all potential sources of payment that can be applied to pay for the transport of any patient, including a member patient, by American Air Assistance. Accordingly, any type of insurance-health, auto, medical, liability, etc., that covers air ambulance transport services is included. Any benefit – such as another membership that covers medical services, worker’s compensation benefits, etc., is included. Any third-party who is responsible or liable for paying the cost of medical services, such as an at-fault driver of an automobile or the at-fault person’s liability insurance carrier is also included. Many commercial health insurance plans also have rules that, effectively make third-party liability payments primary. Members agree that American Air Assistance is entitled to any and all payments received from insurance, benefit providers and/or any third-party for transportation medical services provided by American Air Assistance Network.

I have Medicare or Medicaid can I become a member?

At this time, we are not able to make memberships available for Medicare or Medicaid recipients.

Does my primary medical insurance cover the cost of an American Air Assistance transport?

The answer varies, with each health insurance company offering different plans and coverage. It is up to your individual insurance company as to whether they will cover the cost of a medically necessary transport. American Air Assistance will do a benefit check on your primary insurance to see if you are eligible for a membership and determine if you have coverage for emergency and non-emergency medically necessary air ambulance transports. If your primary insurance does not cover non-emergency, medically necessary medical air transportation, American Air Assistance will notify you and refund your membership fee.

Is an American Air Assistance membership considered insurance?

No. American Air Assistance is not an insurance company. An American Air Assistance membership is not an insurance policy and cannot be considered as secondary insurance coverage or as supplemental coverage to any insurance policy. Membership provides prepaid protection against covered American Air Assistance transportation costs that exceed a member’s health insurance or medical benefits.

Does an American Air Assistance member have to be transported by an American Air Assistance network provider to be covered?

Yes. An American Air Assistance membership only covers medically necessary air ambulance transports provided by American Air Assistance and its affiliates.

Will American Air Assistance honor other air ambulance membership programs?

No. American Air Assistance only covers members covered under the American Air Assistance membership program.

Are there other reasons why an American Air Assistance provider air ambulance might not be able to fly me?

The primary determinant of whether to accept a flight is always the safety of the patient and medical teams. Federal Aviation Administration restricts all air ambulance providers from transporting patients under certain conditions, such as, but not limited to, flying in inclement weather, equipment manufacturer limitations, maintenance requirements, age or size. Also, aircraft positioning, availability of appropriate aircraft to handle the patient’s unique medical requirements and any unforeseen condition not mentioned that would prevent an aircraft from performing a transport.

Who decides where to fly the patients?

When a member calls requesting medical air transport, American Air Assistance will work with the member’s primary insurance company and the sending facility’s medical staff to determine the closest, most appropriate facility to transport the member to.

Does a membership ensure that American Air Assistance will fly me, no matter what type of medical care I need?

American Air Assistance will provide facility to facility Emergent and Non-emergent air ambulance transports deemed medically necessary by the member’s primary insurance.

If I have a medical emergency, should I call American Air Assistance network?

Yes. If you have a medical emergency or are hospitalized as an inpatient you should make aware, so that we can be ready to assist you in the event you are in need of a facility to facility transport. Also, you will need to make the facility aware of your membership so that they know to contact American Air Assistance when a facility to facility transport is medically necessary.